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Benjamin C. Graham aka Bigmouthben


After two years of college life, Ben decided to try his luck in Atlanta, GA. Living a successful but fast life as an up-and-coming entrepreneur, Ben began a downward spiral. After twenty years of surviving the harsh reality of the streets – addiction, and homelessness, Ben took his entrepreneur skills, knowledge of the streets, and compassion for people to spearhead a motivational ministry that is currently touching many of the homeless and addicted on the streets of Atlanta and around the world.


Benjamin along with Tanya Graham is spearheading "Motivation Forward" a non-profit organization geared toward assisting those dealing with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. CLICK to Visit -

Photo by April Leigh



While working on the back of a garbage truck in early 2000, Benjamin (Ben) experienced a horrible accident that left him in a wheelchair.  His entire pelvic area was crushed leaving his abdomen and lower body barely intact.  With a prognosis that he would never walk again & months of excruciating pain, Ben was sent home in a wheelchair. The determination to succeed would not allow him to quit. After months of rehabilitation and agonizing pain, Ben made his way out of that wheelchair.



The famous yellow bike maneuvering through the inner-city streets of Atlanta was not always yellow. It was not always a bike. The vibrant and energetic guy named Benjamin “Bigmouthben” Graham that rides this bike wrapped tightly with yellow duct tape equipped with a storage basket on the front, cooler on the backend, and an 11” x 7” poster promoting “Bigmouthben” the artist, had quite a journey from college student & business owner to destitute drug addict.


To support himself Ben took that same wheelchair that was at one time destined to be his life and turned it into a mobile store.  He filled it with water bottles & snacks then set out into the streets of Atlanta as an unlikely businessman pushing a wheelchair that drew attention both positive and negative. He held onto the positive and persevered through the negativity of humiliation that often comes along with doing what most people do not have the boldness to do even if their livelihood demanded.


As any businessman would do to expand their business, Ben began planning and implementing how he could service more people. He decided “I can get around faster on a bike”… The journey of the famous yellow bike begins…


Stories of HOPE

"The support I’ve received from HOPE Atlanta has saved my life. I was on a downward spiral; addiction had begun to eat me alive. I lost my business, many jobs, and I had lost hope for my future. HOPE Atlanta showed me that I didn’t have to fight my battle alone. The PATH Team met me where I was, helped me get treatment for my addiction, and they never gave up even when I would fall back down. With the help of HOPE Atlanta, I received treatment for the underlying causes of my addiction, I received counseling for childhood trauma, and I was given HOPE. Today, I’m a happily married business owner, who has a vital role in the revitalization of the Auburn Business District, and It’s all thanks to HOPE Atlanta, and those who support the programs."

Benjamin G.
PATH Client / HOPE Atlanta
Benjamin "Bigmouhben" Graham



Before and after images of

Benjamin C. Graham. The devastation of addiction.

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