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God Kept Waking Me Up: A Story of Redemption on One Atlanta Street



A Bigmouth leads the lost across the bridge

BigmouthBen delivers a motivational message wrapped in an addictive blend of 

hip-hop, gospel, and spiritual music; you could call it Hope-Hop.


"I'd rather save two souls than to mislead a million" - BigmouthBen


(ATLANTA, DC., U.S.A.) AUGUST 1st, 2016 – He’s got a big mouth and admits it, but it is what comes out of it that counts. The latest from Atlanta’s BigmouthBen is a powerfully positive and mind-altering mix of message music. You could call it Hope-Hop. Ben has gone from living under a bridge as an addict, all the way to reforming and utterly transforming his life. He calls himself a “motivational entertainer.” Now, with his latest single release “Thank You, Lord,” he continues to use his benevolent “big mouth” to lead the lost across the bridge to a better life.


Thank You, Lord” is the second track off of BigmouthBen’s forthcoming album, Act Like It. The full-length project releases in early 2017. “Thank You, Lord,” with its mid-tempo beat and top-notch production retains its appeal and an addictive hook - a vital part of driving his message to the youth. “Thank You, Lord” is an autobiographical journey which tells Ben’s story of a seventeen-year battle with addiction. However, it also is inspiring, and motivating music, exemplifying his rise from the lowest point in his life, to where he is now.


BigmouthBen’s creative goal is not only to change the world by spreading his message to troubled youth but also changing hip-hop itself. He explains, “A lot of today's music claims it is about popping bottles, gun-play and blowing money. I aim to bring back some positive messages within hip-hop. “Thank You, Lord” is a mid-tempo collision of spiritual, gospel, urban and hip-hop. Ben likes to believe he is creating an entirely new genre, and his musical influences from both old-school and new-school artists shine through. Ben drew inspiration from legendary acts such as KRS-One, LL Cool J, and RUN-D.M.C.


BigmouthBen penned the composition and lyrics while Mack Gram is the featured vocalist on “Thank You, Lord.” Chevi Marino was behind the beat and Ben and his wife, Tanya produced it under their self-owned, BMI affiliated Profitable Publishing. “Thank You, Lord” gives a glimpse into his life and how he managed to escape from living under the bridge to standing proudly atop it. Now, this benevolent “big mouth” is there to lead the lost over that bridge to a better life. Ben may have just created a new genre; you could call it Hope-Hop.



Tanya Graham or Benjamin Graham


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